Professional Speaker and Ultralight Adventurer offers powerful presentations to open or close a conference, convention, retreat or company event.

Arty is the speaker for you if you want your people to:

  • take a fresh approach to the challenges they're facing;
  • take well-thought-out intelligent risks;
  • apply the spirit of adventure to the challenges of work and daily life

Risk taking comes in many forms. Regardless of the risks you face in your personal and professional life, Arty offers inspiration, motivation, and practical tools for facing new challenges, seizing new opportunities, and testing your resources against the unknown.

Arty is the only woman long distance ultralight pilot in the United States. Flying what is often called a "lawn chair with wings and an engine", she has pushed the perceived limits of ultralight flying.

Arty shares the lessons she learned while flying - lessons not about flying, but about pushing your limits and living your life with passion, confidence and courage. She'll help you re-discover your courage to soar...even if your feet never leave the ground!

Her keynotes offer high energy and strong take away value. She works with you before your event to use examples and language that will have your participants asking, "When did she work in our organization?"